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Free Trade

Ron Paul has opposed many free trade agreements during his time in Congress:

  • Voted against Fast Track Authority
  • Voted against a free trade agreement between the U.S. and Chile
  • Voted against free trade with Singapore
  • Voted against free trade with Australia
  • Voted against CAFTA
  • Voted against the U.S.-Bahrain trade agreement
  • Voted against the Oman trade agreement
  • Voted against normal trade relations with Vietnam

3 Responses to “Free Trade”

  1. JoachimS said

    You realize, that he voted against these because they impose regulations on the trades, right?

    I think you may want to read up on some of his positions.. And WHY he has them.

  2. Stewart Pidd said

    Dr. Paul has never been opposed to free and unfettered trade. He and all true libertarians should be opposed to gov’t regulated “free trade” (aka NAFTA, CAFTA, etc.) Again think “Principle” not “Pragmatism”.

  3. jpniner said

    Paul’s idea of “free trade” is to not impose tarrifs on imports and be dumb enough(as he is) to think the other countries out of the goodness of their hearts will do likewise and not impose tarrifs on US imports into their countries.

    which btw, if in Paul’s Utopia we did this and got rid of the IRS….where would the Feds get its revenue? No Income tax, no tarrifs….all from a sales tax and gas tax? what else?

    the guy is a naive fool that is clueless of basic human nature.

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