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Some Facts about Ron Paul

Posted by chip91 on October 22, 2007

Another great blog,, has some interesting facts about Ron Paul. Check it out.

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Ron Paul Says We Just Need A Few Submarines to Defend America

Posted by chip91 on October 14, 2007

During a recent Washington Post interview, Rep. Ron Paul said that “There’s nobody in this world that could possibly attack us today. I mean, we could defend this country with a few good submarines.” You can watch the video here. What world is this guy living in? “There’s nobody in this world that could possibly attack us today.” Does he mean attacks like 9-11? Khobar towers? The USS Cole? Tanzanian Embassies? Marine Barracks in Lebanon? The attack on the Penatgon or the first World Trade Center Bombing? I always thought that Ron Paul said things like this because he was nutty – sorry to be so blunt – but it might be because he’s just stupid.

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