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Meet the MoRons

Posted by chip91 on November 26, 2007

From today’s Wall Street Journal:

“Basically, it got to the point where someone could put up a post saying they were going to the bathroom, and a dozen Paultards would comment, ‘Vote for Ron Paul while you’re there,’ along with another dozen warnings of the Zionist conspiracy in the toilet,” says Erick Erickson, founder of popular conservative blog Redstate. A month ago, the site banned posts from some Paul supporters, branding them “MoRons.”

2 Responses to “Meet the MoRons”

  1. hydarblog said

    Heh… I think someone needs to work on “How many Paultards does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”

  2. Here’s a song for the “MoRons”… Without Freedom

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