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Ron Paul’s Liberal Record on Border Control

Posted by chip91 on November 11, 2007

In Congress, Ron Paul has been a major roadblock to securing our borders from Illegal Immigrants.

2005: Ron Paul voted against the Duncan Hunter (R-CA) Amendment to H.R. 4437 to increase border controls

Rep. Paul voted against the Hunter Amendment to H.R. 4437. The Hunter Amendment would shore up security by building fences and other physical infrastructure to keep out illegal aliens. The Hunter Amendment passed by a vote of 260-159.

2005: Ron Paul voted against H.R. 418 to increase border controls

Rep. Paul voted against H.R. 418 to strengthen border control by requiring completion of the last 3.5 miles of the San Diego border fence. As well, H.R. 418 would broaden the terrorism-related grounds for inadmissibility and deportability of aliens. H.R. 418 passed by a vote of 261-161.

2004: Ron Paul voted against the Virgil Goode (R-VA) Amendment to H.R. 4200 authorize the U.S. military on the border

Rep. Paul voted against authorizing the Secretary of Defense to assign members of the military, under certain conditions, to assist in the performance of border control functions. The Goode Amendment passed the House by a vote of 231-191.

2001: Voted against the Traficant Amendment to H.R. 2586 to authorize the use of troops on the border

Rep. Paul voted against authorizing the Attorney General and the Secretary of the Treasury to request that members of the Armed Forces assist the INS with border control efforts. The Traficant Amendment passed by a vote of 242-173.

14 Responses to “Ron Paul’s Liberal Record on Border Control”

  1. Do a blog on this topic.

    Ron Paul calls our troops weapons of mass destruction!

  2. funfacts said

    I was searching for this kind of a blog for months now. Actually lost the hope of finding one, but here i am πŸ™‚ Thanks for the great articles! Looking forward for a little read after dinner πŸ™‚

  3. Josh said

    this is “liberal” of him? Oh yes, and how exactly are you libertarian for saying this?

  4. alex said

    The fence between U.S. and Mexico is a joke. It doesn’t work. It was tested and can be overcome within 30 minutes easy. Might as well dig a moat and put in alligators. Plus, it was being built by illegal immigrants!!! Ron Paul is for beefing up our security, but let’s use something that works. The military is not for the use of our border security. Under the current administration border patrol personnel are sent to Iraq!!! Finally, Ron Paul is not for Amnesty. He specifically states that illegal immigrants should not be rewarded. Please revise you article to reflect that or at least add th video where states tha he is against amnesty.

  5. jp said

    This is worthy of a blog posting, American Thinker has a long and detailed post about Paul and his Neo-Nazi support and picking and choosing history.

  6. Fran said

    HR 4437 passed in 2005, HR 418 passed in 2005, HR 4200 passed, HR 2586 passed. Do we have the border under control as promised? How much have we spent as a result of those 4 bills? What was Ron Paul’s solution?… to leave the borders open??? NO! It was to seal off the borders, and send back the illegals. It was to get our troops out of the 140 countries that they occupy and to use the money that would be spent there, to fortify and protect our OWN country. If you want to expose Ron Paul, Give the REASONS why he voted no. What else was in those bills? If implemented, would they be effective? Apparently not. All were approved and the problem is worse than ever. Who would really suffer if they were passed? Well our liberty is what has suffered. Meanwhile, our President takes orders from the UN to release Mexican child rapists from prison. You only have half the story. Do a little more research and you will find that he may have voted no because items squeezed into those bills are unconstitutional, and he took an oath to support the constitution.

  7. Gutienhien the grammer nazi said

    It was a well written article, but there’s this one little detail that annoys me.

    “In Congress, Ron Paul has been a major roadblock to securing *ARE* borders from Illegal Immigrants.”

    I hate to be the one to point this out; but if there’s one thing I hate more than Ron Paul, it’s bad grammer.

  8. vote4liberty said

    I’m not sure who is behind this site but I can tell you it’s not Libertarians or Conservatives. Why would a Libertarian be against Ron Paul who ran as a Libertarian in ’88? This site doesn’t make sense at all. Probably just a disgruntled ex-employee or something.

  9. Plex said

    You are absolute fucking idiots if you think you are going to get better than Ron Paul. He is easily the most libertarian and true conservative of all candidates and most electable you are gonna get.

    You are absolute stupid twats.

  10. TxAg said

    Wow Plex you convinced me. I want to be a Ron Paul supporter just like you! Ron’s going to lose. Plain and simple.

  11. Alex said

    Ron Paul is an idiot.

  12. Alex said

    Plex and the other Alex are stupid too.

  13. […] h/t – Conservatives and Libertarians United Against Ron Paul […]

  14. Ron Paul is a constitutionalist. No member of congress is more consistent in using the Constitution as a measure of legislature. It’s an old document, I grant you, but it’s very purpose was and still is to prevent the sort of fascism which is becoming synonomous with the word “America”. For every bill that Ron Paul votes “Nay”, ask how does it violate the Constitution? And then ask if its supporters are in fact more like members of the Nazi Party to empower government to secure corporate interests at the individual citizen’s expense.

    Listen to this song: Without Freedom
    And let me know what you think!

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