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Ron Paul = Amnesty Supporter

Posted by chip91 on November 5, 2007

Paul never votes Yes but when he does it’s for amnesty and to increase H1b visa’s and He can’t recall – yea sure.

4 Responses to “Ron Paul = Amnesty Supporter”

  1. Michael said

    This is not amnesty, the interviewer should have done his homework. It’s about Visa status. Here’s a good link that explains it:

  2. BornInUSA said

    he Link explains it as Visa overstayers(illegals) or that “entered the U.S. without inspection'(illegals) made legal = Amnesty

    You are kidding that you can see that’s it AMNESTY?

  3. BornInUSA said

    The Constitution For Dummies (i.e. Ron Paul Supporters)

  4. Okay.... said

    What was wrong with the interview? didn’t sound bad to me at all.

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