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Ron Paul: We should be more “generous” on illegal Immigration

Posted by chip91 on November 4, 2007

5 Responses to “Ron Paul: We should be more “generous” on illegal Immigration”

  1. Ricardo said

    “Ron Paul: We should be more ‘generous’ on illegal Immigration”.

    He didn’t say “illegal”. He said, “We could be much more generous with our immigration polices” after a more “free and healthy economy with sound money” is in place.

  2. Travis said

    @Ricardo – you are exactly right.

    This video does not show Ron Paul’s support for illegal immigration at all.

  3. FreedomFighter1776 said

    Ricardo and Travis are correct. Ron Paul references legal immigration, not illegal immigration.

    I respectfully request that the webmaster of this site change the heading to reflect what Ron Paul actually said in the video. If you are unsure of what he said, please watch and listen to the video again. Thank you.

  4. Brandon said

    I’m failing to see how this hurts Paul’s credibility.
    The point that he’s making is that immigration wouldn’t be an issue with a booming economy that needs jobs anyway. He didn’t cite illegal immigration, rather condoned legal immigration and how it wouldn’t be an issue.
    Why are people constantly trying to contest everything?
    Why can’t we see that there is finally an honest person running for president?
    Why can’t some accept that?

  5. Sara said

    You are right, he did not say illegal immigrants, so that question is mute! The thing I am not getting here is the site “claims” to be LIBERTARIANS and conservatives against Paul, this contradicts even the premise of the sites name in that the issues libertarians have had with Dr. Paul have been his stance on illegals, in the sense that libertarians do not often refer to any human beings as “illegal”. The other issue is, Kubby, who is the libertarian party candidate for ’08, has announced his support of Paul and urged the party to do the same, in the event Paul wins the primary, Kubby, will not run, and the party will not run any candidate. So the title, “libertarian” just doesn’t cut it! iamlibertarianforlife

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