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Ron Paul’s first New Hampshire TV ad

Posted by chip91 on October 28, 2007

For a candidate who’s raised so much money, this is one of the worst campaign ads I have ever seen. And I’m not just saying that because I dislike Paul. In the beginning, why can’t Ron Paul smile? In fact, I’ve never once seen Ron Paul smile. Also, how many times have we heard the average Joe in a campaign commercial say, ““Well, I don’t always agree with (candidates name), but……. And all the people who were talking seemed so unnatural, like they were reading off of Q-cards. Sorry Paulie’s, I give this 1 in 5 stars.

3 Responses to “Ron Paul’s first New Hampshire TV ad”

  1. jesse said

    lol. you’v enever seen ron paul smile? lol. your blind.

    so what, it’s a stupid ad. most campaign ads are.

    there’s only a thousand on youtube. lots of good ones too. everybodies got different taste.

  2. dave s said

    Your right on the campaigners not agreeing with his views. You should also mention all the duplicate content that this guys campaign is producing especially on digg. You ever try to tell children they are wrong? You can’t. Ron Paul supporters are the funniest sheep out there. Keep on banging your drums and be led to pasture.

  3. Richard said

    Ron Paul doesn’t smile? Au contrair, mon ami. The good doctor has a warm bedside manner with his fellow Americans.

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