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Republican For A Reason

Posted by chip91 on October 24, 2007

I know that this does not have to do with Ron Paul. But I wanted to post it anyway. Republicans have won five out of the last seven presidential elections by running on a strong national defense. Ron Paul should be running for President as a Libertarian, since he’s not a real Republican. It’s a good thing that Ron Paul wont be following these three men.


3 Responses to “Republican For A Reason”

  1. jp said

    a good reagan/Foreign Policy clip is from the “In the Face of Evil” documentary. It could be known as “interventionist Foreign Policy 101″…great doc., highly recommend.

    alot of the paultards try to claim they are ‘reagan conservatives’….others who recognize what Reagan actually did in office vs. what Paul is talking about…will invoke Barry Goldwater.

    Goldwater ran for President as a Vietnam HAWK, he advocating using NUKES against the North Vietnamese and that our strategy was too weak and that we should’ve gone in 10 years earlier. Goldwater was no Ron Paul by a long shot, Ron Paul is a Neville Chamberline type fool on foreign policy. I’m sure the mullah’s in Iran and the rest of the Muslim Brotherhood are rooting for a Paul win though.

  2. jp said

    In the Face of Evil, clips:

    4 minutes into that clip has Neville Chamberline part and the other Ron Paul type appeasers….


  3. Lol Paulies want to sue

    Check out the comments to this blog entry

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