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Some Facts about Ron Paul

Posted by chip91 on October 22, 2007

Another great blog,, has some interesting facts about Ron Paul. Check it out.


5 Responses to “Some Facts about Ron Paul”

  1. Hey thanks for showing my site. Ok if I put a link up to yours? Just email me at

  2. Jason said

    So, when Paul WINS the Primaries and then WINS the nomination, will you change your tune and support Paul against Hillary?

  3. Josh said

    Obviously the guy who made doesn’t say his better alternative, BECAUSE THERE IS NONE. You can pick on Ron Paul all you want, but all the criticism you give about him is going to be worse when applied to others. If you’re going to support any other Republican candidate, seriously don’t waste your time on Ron Paul, you’re already convinced how OK America is, how good the war is, and how illegal immigration is going to be handled better by Rudy, Romney or Thompson. So why care about Paul?

  4. I think I will defend Ron Paul and the other minor Republican presidential candidates on this one. It seems like Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, and the recently exited Sam Brownback all have these weird pockets of defamation against them, and the only thing I can come up with is that people hate change. People find the under dog repulsive. These people are probably involved in some kind of strange mind warp where they will dump further trash on these misfortune-trodden candidates. Thanks for joining the heep, guys. Sheesh.

  5. kali said

    thisssss didnt help me at all
    we acutaly want FACTS

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