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Ron Paul Says We Just Need A Few Submarines to Defend America

Posted by chip91 on October 14, 2007

During a recent Washington Post interview, Rep. Ron Paul said that “There’s nobody in this world that could possibly attack us today. I mean, we could defend this country with a few good submarines.” You can watch the video here. What world is this guy living in? “There’s nobody in this world that could possibly attack us today.” Does he mean attacks like 9-11? Khobar towers? The USS Cole? Tanzanian Embassies? Marine Barracks in Lebanon? The attack on the Penatgon or the first World Trade Center Bombing? I always thought that Ron Paul said things like this because he was nutty – sorry to be so blunt – but it might be because he’s just stupid.


16 Responses to “Ron Paul Says We Just Need A Few Submarines to Defend America”

  1. Curtis said

    Ho-hum. BTW, your template is off. Oh, and most the places you named as examples are not anywhere close to the United States. We could’ve had the trade center attackers if it weren’t for the bumbling beauracracy created by a government that is much too large and wasteful.

  2. Sean said

    He is talking about a country attacking us. If a country tried to invade us a few submarines with Trident missiles could stop them. The military isn’t there to stop people with box cutters.

  3. Thomas said

    The context is clearly about a government attacking the US and the possible consequences.

    Ron Paul is clear on defense. Under a Ron Paul administration, if a country attacks the US, the president will defend the US and ask Congress for a declaration of war. The president would persue the war to a quick and decisive end.

    If some thugs attack some buildings, then legal, police, mercenary teams, and special forces means will be used to get those thugs and the ones behind them, depending on the situation.

    This corresponds to the reality of the situation.

  4. Cawdor said

    China has no foreign military bases outside it’s borders, but what country is going to invade them???

    Russia, while clinging to a few external posts in former colonies is pretty safe from an invasion.

    The last few times a country invaded another they were neighbors. Last time I looked Canada were our friends and Mexico is invading us through immigration and not a force of arms.

    Bringing our troops home to defend our borders and a sizable Navy (not the current bloated one) to protect our waters, and a good spy satellite system will keep us more safe then the bases in the 130+ countries have done so far.

    As Russia, Japan, Germany, Iraq (1st war not this quagmire we are in now), and the countless African counties have shown.. empires don’t last. Americans are smart, we should be learning this lesson and modify or foreign policy stature correctly or we are doomed to follow the road to ruin as they did.

  5. Craig said

    Ron Paul is hands down the most intelligent candidate seeking the presidency, and one of the few who appears to speak his mind without checking with handlers first.

    No wonder his campaign is gaining so much momentum.

  6. 3 … 2 … 1 … Presto! A new desktop background! Thanks, CALUARP!!!

  7. jp said

    the paultards are here, dumbing down the debate and world history. congratulations guys!

  8. Geoffrey said

    Jp: If you don’t have a logical or reasonable argument or point to make, why do you post anything at all? You are only showing yourself to have no validity, and thus resorting to personal insults. I know it’s a common debate tactic, but honestly, can’t you rise above that?

  9. jp said

    its amazing the paultards refuse to recognize that Terror Sponsor States like Iran and Syria, Saddam’s Iraq and some others, are using groups like Al-Qaeda, Hezzbollah and Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood as defacto armies, some of which are living in the US as US citizens or visitors.

    yep, “no one today can attack us”, in la la land. What an absolute Dolt.

  10. Fazsha said

    If Ron Paul becomes president, does that mean my next boss will be a member of Al Quaida? Will Iran march in and make me pray to Mecca, and will that be east or west? Seriously, you guys have been whipped into a frenzy based on one day of attacks on 3 buildings. Al Quaida cannot mount any sort of organized attack on us, and you should be embarrassed that you’re so easily manipulated by Giuliani. He’d do a Tylenol scare on you if it would get him elected.

  11. Marc said

    In the context of this video, he is referring to a country. Under a Paul Administration, the airlines (not the government) would be responsible for security. If that were the case, the pilot would have likely shot those guys on 9/11. When you make people responsible for their own actions, people will take action. If an airline can’t blame the government.

    Imagine this: An airline actually advertises they are safer. We now have armed pilots. We do extra screening, etc. Right now, we have to worry about NUNs being searched and baby formula bombs.

    TSA missed 75% of fake bombs going through metal detectors. And, you think the government is doing a good job? Yeah ok. Try again.

  12. Pizza God said

    He stated only truths. You are talking about terrorism, that is totally different. We have not had an attack on American soil in over 60 years. We do have a few police actions that need to be dealt with. Those are what you mentioned.

    Ron Paul voted to send the military to invade Afghanistan and get Usama bin Laden. Why didn’t we do it, instead we hardly sent any troops in and we only toppled the Taliban government. [a government we had supported in the past]

    It is true, a few Nuke Subs stationed in the oceans could blow up any country that attacked us. There is no country that is going to invade us right now.

    The only country I fear is China. They are not going to invade us any time soon and I only fear them destroying our economy by selling off all our dollars they keep buying.

  13. DCUPtoejuice said

    You gave the link, but you didn’t watch the video yourself. He was talking exclusively about a foreign country invading the U.S. AND he is right, the submarines were what made us rule the seas. He very pro-military, he just doesn’t like the way we are using it.

  14. Greg said

    Well, he has a point, Ron Paul is insane. he’s a politician tells the truth!

  15. Greg said

    (and* tells)

  16. steve said

    I think some Americans are scared peace might break out. Oh no the war-mongers are out of business. Reminds me of what some Germans said to each other near the end of WW2 “enjoy the war, the peace will be terrible”
    Ron Paul is 100% right. All America needs to say is we are pulling everything out and back, any country that messes with America will get nuked and were serious too. No countries organized armed forces would ever attack America, because they know they would lose. One of those subs would pull up on there doorstep and they would be gone, Ron Paul know this. It’s sad so many Americans are brainwashed with war propaganda

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