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An Open Letter to the Ron Paul Faithful

Posted by chip91 on October 12, 2007

Allen Wastler, the managing editor of, is a bit frustrated with them.

Dear folks,

You guys are good. Real good. You are truly a force on World Wide Web and I tip my hat to you.

That’s based on my first hand experience of your work regarding our CNBC Republican candidate debate. After the debate, we put up a poll on our Web site asking who readers thought won the debate. You guys flooded it.

Now these Internet polls are admittedly unscientific and subject to hacking. In the end, they are really just a way to engage the reader and take a quick temperature reading of your audience. Nothing more and nothing less. The cyber equivalent of asking the room for a show of hands on a certain question.

So there was our after-debate poll. The numbers grew … 7,000-plus votes after a couple of hours … and Ron Paul was at 75%.

Now Paul is a fine gentleman with some substantial backing and, by the way, was a dynamic presence throughout the debate , but I haven’t seen him pull those kind of numbers in any “legit” poll. Our poll was either hacked or the target of a campaign. So we took the poll down.

The next day, our email basket was flooded with Ron Paul support messages. And the computer logs showed the poll had been hit with traffic from Ron Paul chat sites. I learned other Internet polls that night had been hit in similar fashion. Congratulations. You folks are obviously well-organized and feel strongly about your candidate and I can’t help but admire that.

But you also ruined the purpose of the poll. It was no longer an honest “show of hands” — it suddenly was a platform for beating the Ron Paul drum. That certainly wasn’t our intention and certainly doesn’t serve our readers … at least those who aren’t already in the Ron Paul camp.

Some of you Ron Paul fans take issue with my decision to take the poll down. Fine. When a well-organized and committed “few” can throw the results of a system meant to reflect the sentiments of “the many,” I get a little worried. I’d take it down again.


Allen Wastler
Managing Editor,


2 Responses to “An Open Letter to the Ron Paul Faithful”

  1. Why is it that any of Rudy McRompson get tons and tons and tons and tons of poll results and when it happens to somebody like Ron Paul … all of the sudden it was technomanipulation or an illegally targeted campaign? I can assure you that every one of those Ron Paul supporters watched the debate and were informed. This is just another one of those pieces straight out of Eric Dondero Fantasyland.

  2. BGA said

    The author of the letter claims that their computer records show that most of their poll traffic came from Paulista websites. See (and I would have thunk that a fat Paulista computer nerd would know this), “they” can check the last website that any given user browsed before coming to their website. “They” can even do this for several sites back. “They” know what you are doing. “They” are watching you right now. At least the tinfoil prevents them from reading your mind…

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