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Watching what Ron Paul does. Not what he says.

Ron Paul on Morton Downey Jr. in 1988 – Ron Paul is a loon!

Posted by chip91 on September 24, 2007

Now This is good television!

4 Responses to “Ron Paul on Morton Downey Jr. in 1988 – Ron Paul is a loon!”

  1. Well, if you want that Hillary becomes the next POTUS then be sure to continue your anti-Paul-campaign. Because if Ron Paul does not get the Republican nomination say hello to Hillary. No other candidate can prevent that the next President will be a Democrat.

  2. Now, how on Earth could two different people watch the same exact clip and come to two separate conclusions altogether?!? I thought that Ron Paul was a genius in that clip, and that red-stripped kid was just aching for Ron Paul’s harsh words. Go on Ron Paul, setting this world straight one arrogant, authoritarian despot at a time right up to Rudy Giuliani, then to the master hive keeper herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton!!!

    Spart-Rons NEVER surrender!!!!! Spart-Rons NEVER give up!!!!!

  3. spikecohen said

    Once again, Vagena Hurtz shows just how empty his words are.

    Too bad he didn’t get into talking about how we should negotiate with terrorists “to see why they are upset” (his words) or how we shouldn’t stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

    Vagena Hurtz is one of the few candidates who would GUARANTEE a Hillary presidency, because many Republicans know that of the two, at least Hillary would have a chance at using force against a clear threat BEFORE they attacked us.

  4. BGA said

    He’s still the same shrill imbecile today as he was then.

    Booze is legal therefore we should legalize all poisons.

    Brilliant logic.

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