Conservatives and Libertarians United Against Ron Paul

Watching what Ron Paul does. Not what he says.

Strippers For Ron Paul

Posted by chip91 on August 23, 2007

Check it out.


7 Responses to “Strippers For Ron Paul”

  1. Oh, this will not negatively effect Ron Paul if he doesn’t embrace them 😉

  2. rightcoast said

    In case anyone missed it, there was a follow up to the video above.

  3. jp said

    this is good stuff, accusing bush sr. of dealing drugs back in 88…even more nuts then than last night.

  4. jp said

  5. “Chip91” please contact me at the email address provided.

  6. Sarah said

    Because being supported by someone means you’re affiliated with them. Can you tell me what exactly it is that Mr. Paul is doing that is so much worse than the other candidates? Because even if everything you’re slamming him with is 100% true, he still seems the better candidate when compared to Rudy Giuliani or Hilary Clinton.

  7. Anon said

    What is it about every single “Conservatives Against…” websites?!? They all go out! What is the deal?

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