Conservatives and Libertarians United Against Ron Paul

Watching what Ron Paul does. Not what he says.

Ron Paul’s head

Posted by chip91 on August 9, 2007


15 Responses to “Ron Paul’s head”

  1. Add Dennis Kucinich and Alf! Then it will be 100% accurate!

  2. jp said

    another thing missing is the North American Union conspiracy he beleives in, Alex Jones pandering….love the Dale pic though, especially with the Texas connection

  3. heh heh

  4. Ivo Vegter said

    He’s supposed to be libertarian, but yeah, there’s a lot of odd nonsense in his head. If you’re going to oppose a war, do it on principled libertarian grounds (that the government is good at nothing, including national defence), rather than for populist political motives.

    A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about an editorial the WSJ published on whether or not libertarians should oppose the Iraq war. If you don’t object to a link, you can find it (the editorial, not my blog) here.

  5. bob said

    Ron Paul appeals to true conservatives because he’s unique in his understanding of a Constitutional government. Our country has been enslaved by the two party duopoly for far too long.

    It’s time for a change.

    Ron Paul may or may not make it to the White House, but the revolution will continue, and change will come.

  6. sampson said

    Why are you guys so threatened by lil, ole, Ron Paul. What is not conservative about him? Is it his pro life stance. No. Is it the fact that he has been against ill. immigration from the start, No. Is it his mile long record of opposing gun control? No. Is it his christian faimly values? No, conservatives should share these same values. How about his record of consistantly opposing the raising of taxes? No, thats is flawlessly conservative. How about his record on opposing useless government programs? Nope, also flawless. Actually his entire career voting record is one long testament to traditional conservative beliefs, and values. The only reason that the sheperds of the quote, unquote, conservative, republican masses, such as websites like townhall, little green footballs, and hot air, are constantly trash talking Dr. Ron Paul, is because he is not an overly zealous supporter of the zionist regime in isreal. This is the reason, plain and simple. He is not drooling all over himself in support of isreal, like every other candidate in both parties, except Kucinich, and mabey Gravel. If Ron Paul called a press conference tomarrow, and announced the names of a few countries that we should conduct nuclear warfare with, for the sake of Isreal, he would be the new media darling. But alas, since he foolishly insists on intellectual honesty, and then there is that pesky Integrity he possesses, he will continue to draw the undeserved hate of most media outlets.

  7. Nice work 🙂

  8. infragreen said

    Lame attack from RudyMcromney chicken hawks.

    To quote RP on the 911 truthers:

    “Absolutely not!”

  9. Charles said

    He’s kooky though. I just can’t get over the odd things in his head. He’s just so weird to me. He should look like Ronny Reagan. He’s not like Bush, a great man. He thinks strange thought, um like freedom choice. Thats what the governments for. Oh wait I’m not a liberal, oh um, hmmmm. My head hurt. Too much thinking.

  10. Charles said

    By the way Mitt Romney supporters, the kookiest candidate running for president has to be Mr. Romney. He is a self professed Morman. Do the reserch and you find that this a cult that beleives the story of a documented con-man Joseph Smith who spoke to god through a talking salimander. Yeah who’s the kook you political opereative peice of garbage.

  11. Sorry guys, the North American Integration is FOR REAL. Jerome Corsi has reported on it and documented it extensively. He was a co author of the “unfit for command” book that helped get Bush elected in 04.

  12. By the way, Charles… why take the low road? There are plenty of reasons to oppose Romney other than his religious belief, much of which he soundly rejects.

    I am a practicing Mormon, and my beliefs (that the Constitution was inspired) compel me to vote for Ron Paul.

  13. BTW, Ron Paul opposed the funding of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, and the funding of Iraq under Saddam back in the late 70’s and 80’s…

    Yeah, what a kook! Those guys would NEVER turn against us.

  14. jp said

    the North American Union conspiracy has been throughly debunked by several, go over to Human Events and pull it up.

  15. SB said

    This whole blog has ‘whisper campaign’ signs all over it. They did the same to McCain in 2000, when the status quo republicans spread rumors that he was mentally unstable, and that his wife was a pill popper and that he had children from an affair with a black woman. This whole blog is BS

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