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Ron Paul’s supporters are so incredibly irritating

Posted by chip91 on August 9, 2007

There are, without question, plenty of decent folks who support Ron Paul. However, for whatever reason, his supporters as a group are far more annoying than those of all the other candidates put together. It’s like every spammer, truther, troll, and flake on the net got together under one banner to spam polls and try to annoy everyone into voting for Ron Paul (which is, I must admit, a novel strategy).

– John Hawkin,

7 Responses to “Ron Paul’s supporters are so incredibly irritating”

  1. phildrysci667 said

    Ron Paul and his supporters are thoughtful Republicans who want to save the USA from the TRAITORS who are bankrupting this country and murdering millions of people worldwide besides Iraq. When are people like yourself going to realize that COWARDS like Bush and Cheney who never saw combat are unfit to run the military. Your economic policies are bankrupt and your morals are bankrupt. How many Repubs have been caught screwing around as opposed to just Bill
    Clinton. You are pathetic losers and we Democrats are going to kick your asses next election unless you cheat in the polls and in the media. My namw is Philip Dryer and I dare you to answer this.

  2. phildrysci667 said

    I hope that those of you who actually read my rants and have read and studied the Constitution realize that the Law of the land is the Constitution and when we throw out even a part of that document we are no longer the USA but the USSR or Fascist or Nazi or Communist. The flag, fetuses, obscene language, and any other hot button issue is not even on the radar screen in the BIBLE let alone the Constitution. Read history and who the Founders were in 1776 and you will learn something and stop listening to the emotional fear-mongers who could not fight their way out of a wet paper bag let alone carry a gun for our military or any other military.

  3. sampson said

    The Ron Paul deniers are the real irritants.

  4. andy davenport said


    This internet thing is out of control… lets ordinary people express their opinions rather than the opinions we issue them thru our controlled news media.

    SORRY CHARLIE…..the genie is out of the box. Blame it on Guttenburg.

  5. rightcoast said

    Alternate Translation:

    Ron Paul’s projected meetup numbers a month before the first primary: Nearly 100,000

    Ron Paul’s projected donations taken in: Over $20,000,000. Perhaps way over. Most of which can go straight to old media advertising, and appearances.

    I prefer to stand here wih fingers in my ears saying LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA, and pretend that train isn’t coming.

  6. Georgia Washington said

    Neo cons like yourself are no longer conservative. We should call you neo libs since you love war and big government. Ron Paul is a true conservative. I voted for George Bush twice, I am sad to say. I was a Texan and he was a good governor. I thought that he would make a good president. He advocated small government and said that we are not the policemen of the world. Like you, I believed what he said. The difference between you and me is that I can admit my mistake, see it for what it is and try to make it better. It takes some people longer to figure things out, when you do, Ron Paul and his supporters will welcome you with open arms!

  7. alaska hero said

    Theyre not only abnoxious but theyre dangerous ……………neo nazis white pide types ………….have TOTALLY INFILTRATED HIS MOVEMENT ……………..but its more funny than scary >>>>>>>>lolollllollollllllllllllaaaalllllololll !

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