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Ron Paul Sign Seen at Cindy Sheehan Event

Posted by chip91 on August 8, 2007

Sheehan with Ron Paul signIt looks like the only true conservative people in the country are endorsing the only true conservative in the race. It’s cut off, but look at the very far-right and there is a sign that says RO PA PRES 2.


7 Responses to “Ron Paul Sign Seen at Cindy Sheehan Event”

  1. Look — you can see part of the sign in the picture! It is there! “R.. P 1/2 of A… PR… 2… (for 2008)” ! What is that doing there?!?

  2. Chip91 said

    Ron Paul supporter, It says RO PA PRES 2. What do you think that could be?

  3. Ru Paul supporter said

    Are you sure it’s not … RU Paul for President?


    Take a long walk on a short bridge IMPERIALIST.

  5. Dear Heavens!

    A Republican trying to win support from the left and build a coalition!

    Oh wait… Reagan did that.

  6. BTW, Sheehan has completely denounced the Democratic party and 70% or more of Americans want the troops home.

    Those votes sure could come in handy in 2008…

    Naw, let’s just wed ourselves to a dying, despised failed strategy of Neo-Conservative big government, imperialism and interventionist warfare. That will work!

  7. Pizza God said

    I am not all that surprised. We have targeted locally an anti-war group by telling them to hedge there bet by voting for Ron Paul in the primary’s If he wins, then they win. They can then choose between 2 anti-war candidates.

    But then we all know Hillary is not going to end the war no matter how long it takes because the Millitary Industrial Complex is supporting her more than the whole Republican party.

    At the debate this last tuesday, you could see Ron Paul signs everywhere. It was estimated that 1/4 of the crowd were Ron Paul supporters there to pimp Ron Paul.

    We go where ever the people are. If there is a large crowd, there will be a Ron Paul supporter there pimping him.

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