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Pro-Lifer Ron Paul’s Record on abortion vs. Every other Pro-Lifer’s record on abortion

Posted by chip91 on August 5, 2007

I’ve talked about Ron Paul’s more then satisfactory ratings from “NARAL Pro-Choice America.” Here they are compared to every other Republican presidential candidate who has served in Congress.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)

2006: 65 percent
2005: 75 percent

Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS)

2006: 0 percent
2005: 0 percent

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA)

2006: 0 percent
2005: 0 percent

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)

2006: 0 percent
2005: 0 percent

Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO)

2006: 0 percent
2005: 0 percent

Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN)

2000: 0 percent
1999: 0 percent

Notice the difference?

14 Responses to “Pro-Lifer Ron Paul’s Record on abortion vs. Every other Pro-Lifer’s record on abortion”

  1. bret said

    It’s pretty misleading to put up a random assessment of somebody’s record, when Paul is clearly a states-rights guy who likely voted against loads and loads of anti-abortion legislation because it was, SURPRISE, UNCONSTITIONAL.

    Give me a break. First time to see this blog, this should be amusing.

  2. Frank Rizzo said

    Is this an inverse appeal to authority? You know appeal to authority arguments are fallacious?

    Ron Paul has made his position 100% clear:

  3. shrugged said

    Just answer these questions for your readers. Please back up your answer with links as thats honesty.

    How many times has Dr. Paul voted for Federal funds to pay for abortion?

    What is Dr. Paul’s opinion on Roe V Wade?

    here is a link to help you.

  4. Chip91 said

    Ron Paul does not vote for the federal funding of abortions. Good for him. He also says that he wants to over turn Roe V Wade. But remember, this blog watches what Ron Paul does, not what he says. Ron Paul has voted to make it easier for minors to get abortions, against making it a crime to harm an unborn fetus, against baning human cloning, all of which have earned him great ratings from far-left abortion right groups. If you vote against the pro-lifers 75% of the time, then don’t call yourself pro-life.

  5. Jasonik said

    Ron Paul is against federal power controlling our lives.

    You seem to forget that opening the door for ‘convenient’ federal power you also invite oppressive power with it.

    You know what they say about putting the cows back in the barn…

  6. jp said

    great site/theme, Ron Paul also has so far requested $400 Million in Pork request to do things such as market Wild American Shrimp for his district. Contrast that action with his talking points on spending.

    he is a kook, he beleives in the Federal Reserve Conspiracy theories, the North American Union conspiracies and panders to the truthers and is despcicable enough to give Alex Jones the time of day on multiple occassions.

    If he was elected, which its not politically possible luckily enough, the Mullah’s in Iran would love it, if Duncan Hunter or Rudy or Thompson were elected they would crap in their pants.

    Ron Paul and his supporters are teh difference between idealism and lack of common sense and street smarts, realpolitik thinking.

  7. Steve B. said

    Nice spin. You are very dishonest.

    You said:

    “Ron Paul has voted to make it easier for minors to get abortions…”

    Untrue. Ron Paul has voted against federal regulation of minors’ access to abortion. It is a matter for the states. On the pro-life/pro-choice scale, the vote is neutral.

    “…against making it a crime to harm an unborn fetus…”

    He voted against making it a federal crime. If the federal government makes everything a crime, why do we need the states? Trivia quizzes? Get serious. Learn what this country is all about before you attack the only man with a record for liberty in the Congress.

    “…against banning human cloning…”

    Once again, he voted against a federal ban. Ron Paul applies a test of constitutionality to every vote. Please show me in the constitution where Congress has the authority to pass laws on any of this.

    Everyone, pro-life and pro-choice, knows that the only effective way to deal with abortion is on a local level. Roe v. Wade was bad judgment because it intruded the federal government into an area it has no business being in. Ron Paul’s votes on federalism have nothing to do with being pro-choice or pro-life. Obviously you think he should drop his core principles in support of your favorite issue. Politicians who knee-jerk and bend to every whim are why we are in the mess we are. Why bother having principles if you’re going to drop them at the slightest breath of public sentiment?

    You really need to learn the subject matter before you go spouting off about this.

  8. GeorgiaMom said

    Is it really more important that Ron Paul articulate his ideals or THAT HE ACTUALLY DO THINGS WITHIN HIS POWER AS A CONGRESSMAN TO SAVE THE LIVES OF UNBORN BABIES?????
    Theory is great but once you sit in a seat of power you better start taking action.

  9. Scott McDonnell said

    It is easy to debate when you are not restrained by facts. Ron Paul has introduced CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS declaring that life begins at conception, therefore making abortion MURDER. This might come as a surprise to some, but murder is NOT a federal crime (except in certain circumstances.) The states have jurisdiction.

    I honestly believe those that oppose Ron Paul so loudly have NEVER read the constitution. Give me your address and I will gladly send you a copy.

    Actually, I take that back. Those that oppose Ron Paul believe the constitution is anachronistic, or irrelevent to our modern times. Well, then why not just burn the rag? Let’s just stop pretending it is important, that it is the law of the land. Our politicians could just stop swearing to uphold it if it is so irrelevant. I have more respect for a man that will stab me in the front.

  10. Scott McDonnell said

    BTW, we call those people “progressives”

  11. Warren said

    NO, what is most important is to decrease federal involvement in abortion laws. GeorgiaMom betrays an ignorance of history. If pro-lifers join with pro-choicers in making every abortion rule a federal issue, then abortion becomes a winner-take-all fight. If ‘they’ win, then we lose nationwide.

    The best way to win long-term is for ordinary non-activist voters to see the difference between pro-life states and pro-choice states. If the decision is made at the federal level, then we can also lose nationwide, and there is no way to see the difference between the two policies.

    So, no, just because Paul COULD ignore his oath of office, and support whatever law he likes at the time because of a short-term win, doesn’t mean he should. Federalism and following the oath of office is more important.

  12. jp said

    the complete inability for the cultish followers of Paul to analyze anything and apply to the real world is really mind blowing.

    NARAL loves the guy, also I’m sure the leader of Iran is just hoping we put a loon like him in the whitehouse. Which will do nothing more than empower EVIL just as PAUL has done with NARAL

  13. Scott McDonnell said

    jp… wow, very convincing argument.

  14. Mike said

    After looking at the way he votes on various bills, which I won’t bother specifying or explaining, Ron Paul has received a 92% score from my PAC, Citizens for Dog Rape.

    OMG Ron Paul supports raping dogs!!

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