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Ron Paul is no “social conservative”

Posted by chip91 on August 2, 2007

Ron Paul says he’s pro-life. However, here are his ratings from the major political pro-abortion group “NARAL Pro-Choice America.”

2006: 65 percent
2005: 75 percent
2004: 65 percent

Their are also other issues of social conservatism were Ron Paul is a liberal. He has voted against the federal marriage amendment and was even one out of 14 congresspeople to vote against the amber alert. Paul received a 76% rating from the Christian Coalition. That might seem high, but it’s the lowest rating them any other Republican presidential candidate who’s currently serving in congress. John McCain (who the social cons haven’t really warmed up to) received an 83% rating. Sam Brownback, Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo all scored 100%. Is Ron Paul a social conservative at all?

2 Responses to “Ron Paul is no “social conservative””

  1. Blueneck said

    Is Ron Paul a social conservative? Who cares? Social conservatism is nothing more than religious totalitarianism. Of course the fascist Christian Coalition would rate Sam Brownbakkk, Dunkkkan Hunter, and Tom Tankkkredo at 100%. The rating is a measure of how fascist a candidate is. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rudy Giuliani scored a 90% rating from the Kkkristian Kkkoalition, whose leader, Pat “the Rat” Robertson, endorsed Ghouliani. Rudy Giuliani is the only socially liberal GOP candidate, and Ron Paul is the only non-fascist GOP candidate. America’s Christian Taliban would prefer a socially conservative fascist, but between a socially conservative non-fascist (i.e. Ron Paul), and a socially liberal fascist (Giuliani), who would the theocrats select? (Hint how many Christian Right leaders endorsed Rudy, how many even noticed Ron?)

    Also, on the abortion and marriage issues, Dr. Paul believed them to be states’ rights issues. Ron Paul recieves favorable ratings from pro-choice groups because even though he is staunchly pro-life, he opposes forcing his views on all 50 states from Washington. (Being a Constitutionalist, Paul maintains that certain legislation is not up to the federal government.) Similarly, just because he opposes a federal marriage amendment (which is not only wrong but STUPID, and for too many reasons to list) does not make him a social liberal. Maybe Ron Paul thinks there are more pressing issues than queers getting married. Perhaps he is concerned with the *real* issues, and does not wish to use fake issues to distract from them.

    But the fact that Ron Paul is a states’ rights advocate makes him the most socially conservative candidate of them all! Think about it. Dr. Paul believes that such issues should be left to states, while all your “social conservatives” want to decide them on a national level, despite the fact that they have to put up with a liberal federal government. The fact is, social conservatives are concentrated in the Bible Belt states (the former Confederacy, Utah, Idaho, Kansas, etc.) and could easily impose their morality in their home states. Ron Paul is the only candidate who would let liberal states impose their ethics locally and conservative states impose theirs locally. Because these Red states are on the more reactionary end of the spectrum, they have to compromise on the federal level.

    Finally, don’t forget that many of these “socially conservative” groups, being entirely composed of Evangelicals, are often misled by the heretical theology of the “Christian Zionist” movement. As such, they support Zionism and the neoconservative foreign agenda, whereas Ron Paul opposes neoconservatism and subsidizing Israel in any way. Pat Robertson and others would never endorse Ron Paul because he does not fulfill the Zionazi agenda.

  2. Anonymous said

    Hey buttmunch, why did you delete my reply?

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